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The modern iron and steel manufacturing process, starting from ores and scrap over primary and secondary metallurgy processes to billets, bars, plates, wires and various other finished products, is one of the most complex, continuous processes applied in modern large-scale industries. At the same time, steel manufacturers face economic challenges with a complex and competitive agenda. One key success factor is a complete quality control from the raw materials to the final product in every step of the process.

Industrial Process & Quality Control


Schematic Process flow of an integrated steel plant.

Because every process step poses individual analytical requirements, there is no single analytical technique matching all requirements. In fact, multiple, complementary techniques are used and will become more imperative to optimize cost and quality. 

At Bruker, we use our analytical knowledge to provide quality and processes control for iron and steelmaking producers throughout the whole supply chain – from product development and production to quality control and incoming goods inspections. We supply complete systems to reliably identify and quantify compounds and trace elements.