Light-Sheet Images in Neurobiology and Neurodevelopment

See light-sheet images of structures and processes commonly investigated in neurobiology and neurodevelopment research

Neurobiology & Neurodevelopment


Microglia Response to Axonal Damage

The axon of a neuron in the zebrafish brain was selectively dissected by means of IR laser ablation (MuVi SPIM). Thirty minutes after ablation, four microglia reached the damaged axon.

Image taken from:
de Medeiros, G., Kromm, D., Balazs, B. et al. Cell and tissue manipulation with ultrashort infrared laser pulses in light-sheet microscopy. Sci Rep 10, 1942(2020).



C. elegans Lineage Tracing

The histone marker (H2A::mCherry, purple) and the membrane marker (cnd-1::GFP, green) were used for lineage tracing in C. elegans. Imaged on the QuVi SPIM.

Courtesy of:
Zhirong Bao
The Zhirong Bao Lab
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC)
Ney York, USA

Microglia Movement

Microglia movement in zebrafish. The vascular system is labeled with a cyan marker and microglia with a yellow one. Imaged on the QuVi SPIM at 2 FPS for 20 min. Two orthogonal views fused and max. project.

Courtesy of:
N. Norlin, F. peri
European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)
Heidelberg, Germany


Zebrafish Eye

Zebrafish eye imaged on the MuVi SPIM.

Courtesy of:
Anja Machate and Michael Brand
Center for Regenerative Therapies Dresden (CRTD), TU Dresden
Dresden, Germany

Newborn Mouse Cochlea

Hair cells stained for GFP in a newborn mouse cochlea. Imaged at a magnification of 62.5x. Imaged on the InVi SPIM.

Courtesy of:
Raphael Etournay
Genetics and Physiology of Hearing, Institut Pasteur
Paris, France