Laboratory Data Management

Arxspan BioDrive

Move your research into the fast lane with Arxspan’s comprehensive tool for molecular biology, BioDrive™. A single platform that caters to the needs of today’s diverse research teams.

All biological data

in one place

Molecular Biology
Perfect for designing and executing new research projects in the multi-omics fields (genomics, epigenomics, transcriptomics).
Sequencing Data
Management and alignment of sequencing data that can be easily shared within the secure platform.
Desktop & Cloud
The BioDrive application can be used as a desktop application or in the cloud.

Linear Ligation and Insertion Cloning with Bruker Arxspan BioDrive

In this demo video, Ying Zhao, manager of client support services at Bruker Arxspan, will demonstrate linear ligation and insertion cloning using the BioDrive platform.


BioDrive is a molecular biology extension of the Arxspan Electronic Laboratory Notebook that integrates seamlessly into existing infrastructure to deliver a single platform for managing molecular biology, biology, and chemistry data.

Typical enterprise ELNs limit users to two options: a chemistry ELN with no molecular biology support or a molecular biology ELN with no chemistry support. This is unacceptable as it results in many companies having multiple or duplicate solutions, with data in silos which are not shared across project teams.

The Bruker Arxspan BioDrive molecular biology solution is an application integrated into Arxspan's Electronic Lab Notebook. It is purpose-built for biologists and chemists working in molecular biology and sequencing.  Arxspan's BioDrive molecular biology software provides all the features you expect from a dedicated, integrated ELN for molecular and cell biology, with the added benefit of providing both chemistry and biology functionality.  Plus, the BioDrive application can be used either with a desktop application or in the cloud giving you the freedom to do more.

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One Single Repository for all Chemical and Biological Data

With the introduction of BioDrive, the Arxspan ELN is now one solution for your multi-disciplinary research teams with coverage for all chemistry and biology researchers.

  • Full coverage for biologists including molecular biology, assay development, screening, analysis, bioanalytical and bioprocess research
  • Integrated chemistry and biology tools
  • Full support for internal and external collaboration

BioDrive Molecular Biology Tool

BioDrive allows molecular biologists to:

  • Create, import, and export sequences, plasmids, and vectors (supports common file formats)
  • Display analyses and annotate sequences, enzymes, and primers
  • Automatically detect restriction enzyme digestion sites
  • Automatically annotate sequences with shared annotation libraries
  • Automatically calculate biochemical properties for any sequence
  • Design and plan your insertion cloning and linear ligation projects
  • Align cloned (original) sequence with one or multiple sequencing files
  • Search by sequence or keyword
  • Translate DNA sequences directly to an amino acid sequence
  • Standardize representation using HELM notation

Within the framework of the Arxspan ELN, BioDrive enables organizations to:

  • Capture sequences and designs from the desktop to the enterprise 
  • Create templates for common molecular biology protocols and workflows 
  • Document and report experiments


In the Cloud or In the Lab

Gain the flexibility of a cloud or desktop application.  BioDrive provides the same functionality and the same interface for both the enterprise and desktop applications.  Both run on Windows or Mac machines and the data can be easily transferred between the Desktop and Enterprise options.  Work where you want, how you want!

Arxspan BioDrive eliminates redundant solutions and data silos for different scientific disciplines.  

Enhanced User Interface

  • Easy to use
  • Keyword, advanced, and chemical searching
  • Template creation for common protocols and experiments
  • Attachment and in-line editing for all Microsoft Office, image, and instrument files

The Arxspan Platform Accommodates Future Workflow Needs

We know that our industry is constantly shifting gears. That's why we offer tools for both your current and future needs:

  • The Arxspan platform caters to your specific needs in the NOW. Whether your team needs basic ELN functionality or highly complex product characterization and screening, our tool sets can be easily turned on and off as your needs evolve.
  • Workflow development for future research needs is what drives our product development. We take our customer feedback and align it with our roadmaps to ensure a concise set of offerings that are pertinent to our researchers... without any EXTRA tools that clutter the work area. 


A Support Team Composed of Life Science Experts Based Regionally

Customers receive a reply from Support within an hour in your region.

  • The Arxspan support team is built around industry experienced researchers.
  • A biology tool  built by biologists, for biologists, supported by scientists across a multitude of disciplines. We pride ourselves on having an agile team to help our customers stay organized and successful in their data management needs. 
  • Our support team is highly responsive and interactive. Our goal is to improve your workflow and ensure efficiency and accuracy throughout your team and organization.