PMOD Quantification        


PMOD’s efficient workflow tools make access to brain atlases and regional statistics or kinetics easy. PMOD has spent years developing graphical user interfaces for all image analysis workflows, including configuration of batch and pipeline processing. Users can quickly understand what they are doing with their data and visualize both intermediate and final results.
Brain atlas workflows
Guided processing for PET/MR and PET/CT
Powerful batch processing
Automated processing & quality control
Kinetic modeling
Workflows directly link to PMOD’s trusted kinetic modeling tools
Biomedical Image Quantification – PMOD software
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  • Fast access to common brain atlases – clean organization of atlas, templates, mask at the start of the workflow
  • Direct retrieval of processing Protocols – always use the validated settings for your project
  • One-click application of transformations between image spaces for analysis – template, input and reference
  • Integrated parametric mapping – fully quantitative approaches as part of the processing workflow, and
    included in batch processing
  • Portable – use PMOD within your core facility, at your institution or on the move with our flexible licenseoptions
  • Tools in package:
    - Animal: PMOD Neuro Modeling Package
    - Human: PMOD Core Toolkit, PNEURO, PKIN, PXMOD

Tutorial Videos

Learn how to work with your data and workflows for typical applications with our step-by-step tutorial videos.

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