PMOD Quantification    


PMOD’s tools provide comprehensive workflows for post-processing and quantification of imaging data for fundamental oncology research, development of radiotracers and theranostics, and in clinical research studies. Imaging scientists can trust PMOD to reproducibly read their data, interpret the meta-data/units and help users calculate statistics such as SUV for their studies and publications.


Handle multimodality data and applications
Trusted quantification
For treatment evaluation and theranostic development
Built-in Data Management System
Industry-standard project organization
Biomedical Image Quantification – PMOD software
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  • Multimodality segmentation tools – comprehensive semi-automated and manual tools for precision and reproducibility
  • Full access to metadata – ensure accurate calculation of Standard Uptake Value and other key statistics
  • Flexible switching between 3D and 4D datasets – direct output of time activity curves
  • Pipeline processing – leverage PMOD’s built-in Data Management System to set up processing batches to power your large studies
  • Portable – use PMOD within your core facility, at your institution or on the move with our flexible license options
  • PMOD Oncology Package

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