Training Courses

South Africa

Online NIR Multivariate/PLS Quant 2 Calibrations Development Training.


Familiarize yourself with the concept of the multivariate calibration analysis, on which the QUANT software is based. The OPUS/QUANT software package is designed for the quantitative analysis of spectra consisting of bands showing considerable overlap. Usually, they originate from samples containing one or several components in a matrix.

Find out how the software allows for calibration and the determination of the concentration of more than one component in each sample simultaneously.

This short course is ideal for users who are beginners in QUANT calibrations using partial least square (PLS) method.


  • Methods of data pretreatment
  • Basics of calibration setup and modeling
  • Quant2: Method setup and spectra table
  • Quant2: Parameter and validation settings
  • Quant2: Calibration results and statistics
  • Quant2: Optimization tool and its settings
  • Quant2: File list for model validation