Metabolomics Research - an Insight

Metabolomics Research at Uni Tübingen and Uni Lübeck: We interviewed different Metabolomics research institutes to find out more about their
research, daily work and latest findings.
Enjoy these very interesting movies about latest research in Metabolomics.


Main research topics of the Metabolomics and Systems Medicine group at the Werner Siemens  
Imaging Center - University Tübingen

Main research topics at the laboratory for Metabolomics and Systems Medicine at the Werner Siemens
Imaging Center & University of Tübingen

  • Quantitative IVDr-NMR spectroscopy of human biofluids (serum/plasma, urine, liquor)
  • Quantitative NMR spectroscopy of murine biofluids (serum, urine)
  • Tissue metabolomics and lipidomics with human and murine samples (e.g. liver, brain, kidney)
  • Cell culture and feces/stool metabolomics and lipidomics including multi-omics studies
  • Biomarker discovery and personalized precision medicine

As highly interdisciplinary facility, the Werner Siemens Imaging Center is dealing with many studies within neurology, oncology, inflammation and more. Hereby, the laboratory for Metabolomics and Systems Medicine measures and analyses large-cohort samples from preclinical and clinical studies (e.g. Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease, breast cancer, brain tumors, (post) Covid-19 syndrome, cardiovascular disease, rare diseases, (pre)diabetes and many more) upon their metabolite concentrations in blood, urine, liquor, feces or tissue and puts them together with their collaboration partners into a systems biological context.

Dr. Christoph Trautwein, Group Leader Metabolomics and System Medicine at the Werner Siemens Imaging Center, Tübingen, Germany

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Main research topics at the Institute of Chemistry and Metabolomics at University Lübeck

  • NMR studies of protein-carbohydrate interactions (monoclonal antibodies, lectins, selectins, siglecs, glycosyltransferases)
  • NMR studies of ligand binding to native viruses and viral coat proteins. Design of novel entry inhibitors
  • Recombinant production of isotope labeled glycosyltransferases for NMR spectroscopic experiments
  • Studies of thermodynamic and kinetic aspects of carbohydrate-protein recognition reactions using NMR, surface plasmon resonance and microcalorimetry
  • Structural and biophysical characterization of skin matrix proteins involved in autoimmunity
Dr. Ulrich Günther, Professor for Metabolomics at the Chemical Institute at University Lübeck, Germany