FT-IR Emission Spectroscopy Part IV

You are warmly invited to Bruker’s multi-part free-of-charge R&D webinar series on “FT-IR Emission Spectroscopy”.

With the first three parts about the following topics we covered different theoretical and application aspects of emission spectroscopy and have awaken great interest.

Part 1: General setup of emission experiments and determination of emissivity.


Part 2: Photoluminescence (PL) experiments: challenges and the suitable instrumental solutions.


Part 3: Step scan as a powerful tool for emission experiments and source characterization.


Now in the last part, we will focus on the measurement of micro emitters, which are too small or too weak for the standard setups. With a live demonstration on the Bruker Hyperion microscope coupled to a research FT-IR spectrometer we will show you the handling, the data evaluation and the performance of emission microscopy on a small diode.