XRF Theory and Care of Laboratory Platinum Ware
XRF Theory and Care of Laboratory Platinum Ware
XRF Webinar

XRF Theory & Care of Laboratory Platinum Ware

Oct 13, 2021 | 11AM SGT

Join us for an informative webinar

This 90-min webinar consists of 2 sessions

1. X-ray Spectrometry Techniques

  • What information can we get from XRF analysis?
  • What is the difference between energy dispersive and wavelength dispersive XRF?
  • Brief introduction to standardless vs quantitative element analysis

2. The Care and Maintenance of Platinum Labware:

The care and maintenance of Platinum Labware items used for the preparation of fused samples for XRF analytical techniques is crucial to the quality of the analytical data generated.  Misshapen or deformed crucibles and moulds, low lustre and cross contamination all contribute to operator difficulties in producing good quality glass beads or digestions.  Proper use and maintenance of Labware improves results, reduces repeats and lowers overall costs.

This presentation will focus on:

  • The labware alloys used and why
  • Standard labware items and specific designs
  • General care, cleaning  and handling
  • Causes of labware failure in the laboratory
  • Reshaping and polishing techniques



Low Hou Ran

Applications Manager, Bruker AXS

Danny Verbeeten

General Manager, XRF Scientific