Benchtop X-ray Powder Diffraction


It’s all you need

A complete tabletop powder X-ray analyzer

No extra cooling and computer needed
High-speed analysis
450 times faster than a standard 0D detector system
Benchtop XRD
Lightweight with small footprint, it fits each desk
The world’s best benchtop system:
D2 PHASER XE-T edition

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The D2 PHASER is a desktop diffractometer for all X-ray powder diffraction applications in Bragg-Brentano geometry.

Superior data quality meets unparalleled ease-of-use

The D2 PHASER delivers data quality and collection speed that, up to recently, was thought impossible with a benchtop XRD system.

Due to its compact size, low weight, and ease-of-use design, the system is conveniently mobile, without the need for complicated infrastructure, large, heavy-load work benches, or vendor installation and alignment. A standard power outlet and a few minutes are all that is required to take they system from fully packaged to outstanding results.

D2 PHASER XE-T edition

Equipped with the unique LYNXEYE XE-T detector, the D2 PHASER plays in a league of its own! The energy resolution of <380 eV allows a unique, digital monochromator mode to efficiently remove - unwanted radiation, such as sample fluorescence, - K - beta radiation, and Bremsstrahlung - background scattering, without meaningful losses in detection speed.

XRD for everyone

  • Push button mode for beginners
  • Full flexibility for experts
  • Easy optimization for minimum scan time or maximum scan resolution

XRD for everywhere

  • Unique All in One design
  • No special utility requirements
  • No installation or alignment required

XRD for everything

  • Sample holders for every specimen type
  • Optional 6 position sample changer
  • Universal design for all powder applications

D2 PHASER - Superior data quality

The D2 PHASER delivers data quality and collection speed that, up to recently, was thought impossible with a benchtop XRD system.

Thanks to its superior resolution as well as low-angle and low-background, the instrument is the perfect solution for all powder diffraction applications from phase identification, quantitative phase analysis, up to crystal structure analysis.

Even more - only Bruker AXS additionally guarantees an unparalleled instrument alignment equal or better than ±0.02° 2θ over the entire angular range. Accurate and precise data for all applications thanks to a rigorous instrument verification protocol.

D2 PHASER Benefits

BRAGG2D - Monitoring the quality of sample preparation

  • Systematic errors in sample preparation are a big source of analytical error.
  • 2D diffraction images in Bragg Brentano geometry are used to visualize sample preparation issues like particle size or preferential orientation
  • Avoid statistically unrepresentative measurement results.

Low cost-of-operation

  • No water consumption
  • No detector gas due to Silicon strip detector technology
  • Virtually infinite tube lifetime
  • Reusable specimen holders
  • Low power consumption (max 650 W)

D2 PHASER Application Examples

D2 PHASER Applications


In close partnership with the cement industry Bruker is continuously pushing the performance of its analytical solutions.

For the D2 PHASER we provide a cement package that contains factory installed measurement and data evaluation methods for more than 10 raw materials, clinker and different cement types. This allows efficient production control of the kiln as well as the mill mineralogy. The D2 PHASER with the cement package is oerfectly suited for smaller operations.For larger factories that measure many samples a day also see the D8 ENDEAVOR.

D2 PHASER Applications

Material Properties

The D2 PHASER is a portable desktop XRD instrument for research and quality control. It is for instance possible to investigate crystal structures applying the fundamental parameters approach in the TOPAS software, nano-structures for fast and reliable SAXS measurements, or micro-structures (crystallite size).  

D2 PHASER Applications

Minerals & Mining

Bruker offers advanced solutions to reliably support geologists and mining prospectors on locating and analyzing deposits anytime and anywhere.  

D2 PHASER Applications

Oil & Gas

The D2 PHASER is a mobile benchtop X-ray diffractometer (XRD) used in the identification of both bulk and clay minerals within geological samples. Moreover, X-ray diffraction (XRD) is an essential technique in the analysis of shale rock formations, allowing for qualitative and quantitative mineralogical characterization.  

D2 PHASER Specifications





Theta / Theta

Sample is always horizontal and cannot fall off during measurement


Angular accuracy

Exact peak positions better 0.02°2Theta over entire measurement range,

Traceable by included corundum reference





(*) Detector guarantee

Si-strip detector with 160 channels

Ultra fast 1D detector (*)

Ultra sensitive, energy dispersive 1D detector (*)

absolutely faultless, no dead strips

Sample stages

Single or 6-position, rotating

Best sampling statistics, high throughput


Plug’n Analyze

No Installation, no alignment, no instrument configuration


110 -220 V, 50 - 60 Hz

All domestic wall sockets supported


Integrated PC / monitor

Little space requirements


Internal ccoling

No water supply needed


95 kg, 210 lbs

Easy to move, no extra support required



Small footprint, fits each conventional table

61x60x70 cm (42.02″x23.62″x27.56″)


German type approval

CE Compliance

Highest standards for operator safety

Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC), Electrical Equipment (2014/35/EU) Electromagnetic compatibility (2014/30/EU)

Plan.Measure.Analyze with the DIFFRAC.SUITE software

The full-featured, and no compromise DIFFRAC.SUITE software package provides the easiest measurement method creation and most powerful and accurate analysis results. All covered with 21CFR Part11 compliance, if required.

The DIFFRAC.SUITE MEASUREMENT CENTER, DIFFRAC.EVA for general data evaluation and the COD database for phase identification are always included with two licenses for industrial labs and 10 licenses for academic users.

For industrial process and quality control the D2 PHASER can be equipped with TOPAS BBQ and the Bruker turn-key package for the analysis of construction materials.

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