BioAFM Accessories and Add-Ons

BioCell for AFM

Coverslip based fluid cell for Live Cell imaging and single molecule fluorescence with temperature control and perfusion.

The BioCell allows for the temperature-dependent study of living cells or single molecules with the NanoWizard AFM in their native environment. It is therefore particularly suited for applications in cell biology and biomedical research. As an add-on for inverted optical microscopes the NanoWizard AFM in combination with the BioCell offers the unique possibility to simultaneously study temperature-dependent processes like cell motility and metabolism with the AFM and simultaneous advanced optical imaging.

During AFM measurement all the optical microscope‘s operation modes, in particular contrast techniques, remain constantly available. Even high-resolution fluorescence confocal microscopy and single-molecule fluorescence techniques are possible since objective lenses with highest numerical aperture can be used.

  • Insert for Life Science stage
  • Temperature range: 15 to 60°C
  • Resolution: 0.1°C
  • Quick-exchange cover slip bottom
  • Connections for liquid perfusion and gas flow (e.g., CO 2 mix)
  • Compatible to the NanoWizard AFM sample stage (Life Science version)
  • Drift-minimized in all direction