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XeprAPI - Bruker's Application Programming Interface

Enhance Your EPR Research Capabilities with XeprAPI's Powerful Features and Tools

Beyond Standard EPR Experiments

The XeprAPI is an advanced software tool that enables communication between Python scripts and Xepr/Xenon. It provides a bridge between the rapid developments in data processing, complex EPR data acquisition, and the control of a wide array of instrument accessories. This powerful tool is designed to enhance the user's EPR research capabilities by providing a range of powerful features and tools.


The XeprAPI is convenient and easy to use, making it an ideal tool for both beginners and advanced users.

Starting an XeprAPI python script within Xepr


The key features of the XeprAPI include: 

  • Direct control and operation of Xepr
  • Advanced data acquisition, processing, analysis, simulation, and visualization capabilities
  • Integration with external hardware or software modules
  • Rich family of python libraries allow for flexible and customizable scripting options



The XeprAPI is a versatile tool that can be applied to a wide range of EPR research applications. Some of the most common applications include:

  • Simple data processing (such as applications of new digital filters)
  • Automatization of single experiments (e.g. power sweeps with variable averages for time-efficient 2D data acquisition with constant S/N ratio)
  • Combining Xepr with external hardware or software

Improved data acquisition in time-resolved CW-EPR experiments
Time-resolved EPR experiments are complex and require a properly tuned spectrometer and synchronization with an external laser source. Data acquisition for investigating the spin coherence time of optically pumped rigid dimers was improved with the XeprAPI, e.g., by removing low-frequency background signals. More information can be found in the publication of Dill et al. (Nature Communications, 2023, 1180).

Interface for optimum control EPR experiments
Optimum theory can be used to improve the performance and sensitivity of pulsed EPR experiments. The XeprAPI was used as a crucial interface in a feedback control optimization, in which Xepr pulse experiments were optimized with an external software solution. This way, the sensitivity of spin echo and ESEEM experiments could be increased. More information can be found in the publication of Goodwin et al. (Journal of Magnetic Resonance, 2018, 9-16).


  • The XeprAPI is included in every Xper, Xenon, or Xenon_nano installation
  • A quick start guide is available in Xepr


Accessing the XeprAPI Quick Start Guide within Xepr


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