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NMR Software

Bruker is committed to providing the most innovative NMR technologies to its customers, including the most comprehensive portfolio of software solutions for the acquisition and analysis of NMR data. All Bruker software is designed to complement the full range of NMR technologies Bruker offers, producing accurate, comprehensive and interpretable results.

The Most Comprehensive Portfolio of NMR Software

On-Instrument Software


Bruker’s TopSpin™ software package for NMR data analysis and the acquisition and processing of NMR spectra.


IconNMR™ allows fully automated acquisition and processing and is the ideal solutions for labs with large numbers of samples or many user accessing the spectrometer. Hardware automation, such as sample change and sample preparation robots are fully supported. Measurements can be supervised remotely via WEB browsers.


AutoCalibrate is key to maintaining a well-tuned NMR spectrometer, tracking changes and monitoring the long-term health of the entire system.


Assure-System Suitability Test (SST) is the ideal tool for any NMR spectroscopy laboratory. In full automation, the NMR spectrometer is validated regularly for instrument performance and optimized BEFORE you run your samples.


SmartDriveNMR is the software application custom-built for advanced acquisition in open access NMR environments addressing small organic molecules.


Automatic Concentration Determination Of Compound Libraries by NMR


Automated spectrometer adjustment together with a comprehensive range of pre-defined protocols guarantees optimum spectral quality and high productivity for both expert and novice users


Designed to simplify biomolecular NMR, BioTop automates tasks based on user experience level. The software optimizes and maintains consistency for commonly used and shared parameters


Integrated Solution for Confident Chemical and Material Specificity, Quantity, and Classification Screening. Running interactively or in full automation: from sample submission to report, GxP compliant


Real-Time Data Analysis and Acquisition Control - the Solution for Process Monitoring

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