TCI CryoProbe | Proton Optimized Triple Resonance | NMR Inverse Probe

Proton-optimized triple resonance NMR 'inverse' probe

Ultimate sensitivity for demanding biological applications

The  TCI  CryoProbe  is  a  proton-optimized  triple  resonance  NMR ‘inverse’  probe,  featuring  four  fully  independent  channels  and enabling simultaneous decoupling of 2H, 13C and 15N nuclei.TCI  Probe  is  the  probe  of  choice  for  double  and  triple  resonance experiments  focused  on  biological  macromolecules  structure determination and characterization. Triple Resonance Probes let you pulse on all four nuclei in one experiment, giving access to the most advanced NMR techniques.Equipped with cold preamplifiers for 1H and 13C nuclei, TCI CryoProbe is  optimized  for 1H  and 13C  observation.  Cryogenically  cooled preamplifier for deuterium channel guarantees highest sensitivity for the lock channel, resulting in excellent stability of the spectrometer. This also permits the use of as little as a few percent of deuterated solvents.  The  probe  is  compatible  with  shaped  tubes  for  optimum performance on lossy samples.

Technical Details

  • Proton-optimized triple resonance NMR probe•Operating frequencies 400-1200 MHz (1H frequency)
  • Four fully independent channels
  • Simultaneous decoupling of 2H, 13C and 15N nuclei.
  • Cooled 2H preamplifier for excellent stability
  • Fitted with an actively shielded single axis Z-gradient for all CryoProbes
  • XYZ-Gradient as option at all frequencies available
  • Standard sample temperature range -40°C – 80°C (3mm)
  • Standard sample temperature range -40°C – 150°C (5mm)
  • ATM (Automated Tuning and Matching) and CryoFit compatible
  • Ideally suited for the research of proteins, nucleic acids and metabolomic sample

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