Multimodal Animal Transport System (ATS)

The high-precision and touchscreen-operated Animal Transport System (ATS) in combination with dedicated animal cradles enables in vivo imaging with fully automatic high precision co-registration and fusion of multimodal imaging data. A variety of animal cradles tailored for different animal species, applications and RF coils are available. This system is an integrated feature of the BioSpec 3T, inline PET/MR, and PET/CT instruments.


  • Touch screen operation (also with gloves), open operation from ParaVision software at the operator table
  • Camera for easy animal positioning and scanner control
  • Fully automated high precision motorized animal transport system for precise animal positioning, image stitching, and automatic multimodal image registration and fusion
  • Scan execution via touchscreen facilitates studies with synchronized injections/scanning
  • Direct access to the gantry from both sides
  • Fully RF- shielded cover
  • Fully shielded bore during X-ray scanning ensures operator safety
  • Photo scout-view provides fast (<5s) positioning without X-ray exposure
  • Quick-lock animal cradles for mice and rats, including anesthesia supply, animal warming, respiration and ECG sensors, and gas exhaust
  • Automated multi-position imaging extends the possible FOV