RF Coils for Excitation with Optimal Homogeneity

Volume Coils

Bruker is a manufacturer of RF volume coils which are used as a basis for imaging experiments. Transit volume coils provide excitation optimal homogeneity

As a basis for imaging experiments, transmit volume coils are designed to provide optimal homogeneity in combination with highest SNR. For experiments requiring homogenous signal reception throughout a larger area of the animal or material to be investigated, Bruker provides circularly polarized 1H volume coils. These come with inner diameters ranging from 15 mm for material research to 197 mm for studies on rabbits or similarly sized larger animals. Coils with larger inner diameters can also be used when peripheral instrumentation is required for the experiment procedure.

Many of the larger coils have active detuning capabilities to facilitate cross-coil configurations. These coils, which are ideally used for transmission only, are optimized to avoid any residual RF coupling between the coils of the configuration. The 16 channel receive-only phased array volume coil allows for acceleration in time-sensitive experiments and Bruker's parallel excitation coil present exciting new imaging possibilities.

Linearly polarized X-nuclei coils are available for practically all nuclei.  



Service & Life Cycle Support for Magnetic Resonance and Preclinical Imaging

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