Outstanding Performance from an Explosives Detector

The RoadRunner is the latest high sensitivity, hand-held, battery-operated explosives and narcotics trace detection system from Bruker.  Based on industry-standard IMS technology, this compact detection system offers hot-swappable batteries and a detection sensitivity approaching that of a bench-top instrument

With a battery lifetime of 4 hours, the utility of this new product is further enhanced by the use of a non-radioactive photoionization source. This latter feature removes the need to comply with regulations for radioactive safety. Revolutionary CHIRP-IMS signal processing, coupled with continuous automatic calibration provides the sensitivity and selectivity of a bench-top trace detector in a hand-held design that features a convenient pistol grip format. As standard, RoadRunner offers both swab and vapour mode sampling to provide maximum convenience and flexibility.

RoadRunner Features

  • Bench-top sensitivity in a hand-held device
  • Lightweight (7.7 lbs [3.5 kg]), battery-operated
  • Swab and direct vapour sampling of explosives and narcotics
  • Non-radioactive High Energy Photo Ionization source
  • CHIRP-IMS technology and continuous automatic calibration for best performance