Ultima Deep imaging
Ultima Investigator interneurons

Streamlined Multiphoton Imaging

Best starting place for in vivo studies

Video courtesy of Dr. Guang Yang, NYU School of Medicine

As the most streamlined model of Bruker's Ultima family of multiphoton microscopes, Ultima Investigator™ features a base system specifically optimized for in vivo studies and is designed for add-on flexibility with a host of specialized options. Ultima Investigator's high-resolution, high-speed, high-sensitivity deep imaging provides the ultimate value for smaller labs and additional imaging bandwidth in larger labs.

Ultima Investigator Applications

  • Intravital imaging
  • In vivo imaging of neurons through thinned skulls
  • In vivo imaging in behavioral paradigms
  • Photoactivation
Ultima Investigator Neural network image

Stage montage to visualize neural network. Image courtesy of Sandeep Bob Datta, Harvard Medical School.

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