Compact FT-IR Spectrometer ALPHA II

Robust FT-IR Analysis for any Application

What is the ALPHA II?

The ALPHA II is a compact FT-IR spectrometer with a footprint the size of a laptop. It is used for chemical analysis and enables you to do quality control, quantifications and verification of raw materials.

ALPHA II Features:

  • Compact and resilient design
  • Easy adaption to all sample types
  • Robust RockSolidTM interferometer
  • Long-life CenterGlowTM source
  • Long-Life diode laser
  • Intuitive operation and software
  • Optional: integrated touch PC
  • Optional: inert to high-humidity

ALPHA II Benefits:

  • Analyze any sample type
  • Save space in your laboratory
  • Enjoy maintenance-free operation
  • Apply it in any work environment
  • Train new users in a few minutes
  • Be well-prepared for new tasks

ALPHA II Applications:

  • Polymers & Plastics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Material science
  • Automotive & Electronics
  • Mining & exploration
  • Art restoration

Ease of Use and Efficiency

Operating the ALPHA II is meant to be effortless and straightforward, regardless of whether you use the optional touch PC or an external computer.

On one hand, OPUS TOUCH offers you minimal training time for new users and an accelerated analysis experience. In addition, the optional touch PC further reduces the overall footprint of the system, making it easier to transport the instrument.

On the other hand, the use of an external PC offers you an even richer feature set that leaves nothing to be desired from even the most advanced users. The desktop version also features guided workflows for standard tasks, supporting FT-IR beginners.


Design Follows Application

The ALPHA II lets you chemically analyze any kind of sample, whether it is solid, liquid or gas. Even valuable paintings, brilliant diamonds and excellent wines can be analyzed by the ALPHA II easily and efficiently.

At the core of this approach are the QuickSnap sampling modules. These allow the instrument to be tailored to the specific analytical task. These modules are safely and securely locked into place, making the ALPHA a truly dedicated analyzer.

And if the requirements change? Then the spectrometer can be adapted just as quickly to new tasks. That’s why the design of the ALPHA II will always follow your application.

A RockSolid™ Foundation

We are proud to say that the ALPHA II is the most robust and reliable compact IR spectrometer available. Its RockSolidTM interferometer is wear-free and resistant to shocks and vibrations.

Apart from that, it offers an advanced stabilization of the IR source and is equipped with a durable diode laser operated by patented technology that consistently achieves outstanding wavenumber accuracy and spectral stability.

No matter what happens during your measurements, your spectra will always look exactly as they should. You can count on its reliability. Everyday. Anytime.

It’s the swiss-knife of FT-IR spectroscopy

We boldly state that the ALPHA II will succeed in all FT-IR applications in any industry, whether it is quantification, identification of unknowns, verification of raw materials, quality control or basic entry-level research.

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QuickSnap™ FT-IR Sampling Modules

User exchangeable QuickSnap™ sampling modules allow the analysis of almost any kind of sample (e.g. solids, liquids or gases).


Universal sampling module

The universal sampling module enables you to analyze all kind of samples: solids, liquids and gases. This transmission sample compartment with its 2x3" standard sample holder can hold a variety of gas cells and liquid cells. Solid samples can be investigated in a standard pellet holder or using a magnetic film holder. Samples with a reflective surface are analyzed with a dedicated accessory for reflection measurements.


Platinum ATR

ALPHA II's Platinum ATR single reflection diamond ATR module is designed to bring more ease to your routine analysis. The ergonomic one-finger clamp mechanism simplifies the sample positioning. It is easy to clean, as the pressure applicator can be rotated 360° to provide the user with unobstructed access to the sampling area. A variety of sampling options for temperature controlled measurements and liquid flow through analysis complete the versatility of the Platinum ATR.



The Multireflection-ATR module with horizontal ZnSe ATR crystal is very suitable for the analysis of pastes, gels and liquids. Six internal reflections and an exceptionally high light throughput provide highest ATR measurement sensitivity for the analysis even of low concentrated sample components.



ATR is an easy to use FTIR sampling method that is ideal for both solids and liquids and does not require any sample preparation. The Eco ATR is a single reflection ATR sampling module with a very
attractive cost/performance ratio. It is equipped with a versatile high throughput ZnSe ATR crystal for the analysis of powders, solids, pastes and liquids.



The DRIFT module allows to economically analyse a broad variety of solid samples: powders, inorganic material, gem stones, papers, textiles and others. The DRIFT module is designed for easy sampling and high light throughput. This results in an unmatched time-per-analysis for FTIR diffuse reflection measurements.


External reflection modules

Dedicated reflection modules allow contactless and non-destructive FTIR analysis of large samples on top or in front of the spectrometer. Paper or textile
fabrics are simply placed on top of the instrument to be analyzed. Also very large or even immobile samples like metal surfaces of car parts or mural paintings during restoration process can be investigated, by placing the instrument in front of the object. An integrated video camera helps finding the sampling area.


Modules for gas analysis

Different dedicated sampling modules with integrated gas cell allow the measurement of gases and gaseous mixtures by transmission IR spectroscopy. The ALPHA II sampling module with 7 cm gas cell is characterized by a minimized cell volume that requires little sample amounts and allows fast gas exchange. The module with 4.8 m gas cell provides the sensitivity to detect low concentrations. Heating options prevent condensation of gases in the cell.

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Applications of ALPHA II

The ALPHA II provides an optimal instrument design for almost each sample and therefore is greatly suitable for a large variety of applications.

One of the most important applications of the ALPHA II is quality control in various industries. Here the FT-IR spectroscopic analysis is predominantly utilized to verify the identity and specifications of raw materials and products. Additionally the ALPHA II allows the identification of unknown samples. This is particularly valuable for an effective failure analysis, e.g. when examining a contamination which caused a product defect.

In criminalistics the possibility to determine unknown substances is applied to identify drugs and also trace evidence. 

The availability of liquid cells and various ATR options for the ALPHA II allow performing quantitative analysis with always the optimal measurement conditions for the respective sample type. There are dedicated ALPHA II analyzers with internal calibrations available which perform the quantitative analysis of quality-related parameters in wine and the determination of FAME in diesel.

Due to its compact design and its intuitive usability the ALPHA II also is predestined to be used for teaching.

Furthermore several mobility options provide for the portable use of the ALPHA II. Mounted on a tripod and powered by a battery pack the ALPHA II can measure art objects on-site and contactless. The gathered information helps in art conservation.

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