Join the New Era of eXtremeResolution (XR™) in Mass Spectrometry

The solariX XR™ system allows for mass resolution greater than 10 million. This level of eXtreme Resolution (XR™) represents an order of magnitude quantum jump in mass resolving power, opens up entirely new scientific frontiers in chemistry and molecular biology and enables novel scientific investigations.

The core technology in the solariX XR is the academically acclaimed dynamically harmonized ParaCell™, developed by Professor Eugene Nikolaev and coworkers. This remarkably innovative design stabilizes the ion cyclotron resonance signal over a broad mass range for eXtreme Resolution scans, thus enabling novel broadband, eXtreme Resolution scientific research. The effort necessary to achieve such extreme performance is now dramatically reduced by the operational simplicity of the new commercial ParaCell, continuing the ease-of-use tradition set by the solariX platform.

The solariX XR is capable to reveal the fine structure in isotopic patterns that are uniquely specific to the exact molecular formulae of the detected compounds. For the first time ever, this will enable researchers in a variety of fields including metabolomics, environmental, petroleum and energy research, and proteomics to gain unique insights into highly complex samples in a way never before possible.

The exciting new solariX XR system is now available in a limited early access program to selected mass spectrometry research collaborators. To join this new era of eXtreme resolution Mass Spectrometry and for additional information on the solariX XR capabilites as well as details of our early access program, please enter the world of eXtreme Resolution.