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MALDI Biotyper® sirius IVD System - the "sirius" solution for clinical microbiology      


Bruker constantly invests in the product portfolio development and improvement to maintain the global market leadership in MALDI-TOF technology.
The latest innovations result in this new "sirius" member of the MALDI Biotyper product family which has been launched to broaden clinical microbiology research applications (in RUO mode only).

Updated electronics | enabling further system improvements

  • Lighter: only 75 kg
  • Faster target exchange
  • LED strip to remotely observe system status
  • Positive/negative ion mode (negative ion mode for research use only, not for use in clinical diagnostic procedures)

Future-proof technology

The new Bruker MALDI Biotyper sirius IVD System has inherited the widely appreciated high capacity vacuum system of the MALDI Biotyper smart, as well as its fast 200 Hz smartbeam™ lifetime* laser. Developments in the electronics enable both positive and negative ion mode (with negative ion mode for research use only, not for use in clinical diagnostic procedures).

MALDI Biotyper sirius IVD System
MALDI Biotyper sirius IVD System

Compact, but powerful

As lab space is known to be limited, the MALDI Biotyper sirius incorporates a decade of development in a true benchtop system of only 75 kg, allowing for easy implementation in every lab. The system is fully compatible with existing MALDI Biotyper software and modules, libraries and consumables for microbial identification and beyond.

* Lifetime meaning 7 years or 500 million shots, whichever comes first.

Convenient system status check from a distance is supported by an LED strip  integrated into the new modern design.

Beyond microorganism identification

As many countries across the world are challenged with a rising number of multi-drug resistant organisms, there’s a high need for rapid and accurate detection of antimicrobial resistance. MALDI-TOF technology is recognized as a reliable, reproducible method to rapidly identify bacteria from positive blood cultures, and detect subsequently beta-lactamase activity in bacterial strains in one workflow.
Read more in a case study about the Bologna Workflow, for microorganism identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing after positive blood culture.

The MALDI Biotyper sirius IVD System supports these additional workflow requirements with ready-to-go IVD-labeled kits such as the MBT Sepsityper IVD Kit ,the MBT STAR Carba IVD Kit and the MBT STAR Cepha IVD Kit.

In addition, the negative ion mode capability in RUO (research use only) mode broadens the research applications for the MALDI Biotyper sirius, such as analysis of lipids applied e.g. for the rapid detection of colistin resistance related modifications to lipid A in bacteria.

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