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Supported Liquid Chromatography Products

For most LC-MS applications, successful implementation demands the best integration of large scale automation and/or chromatographic separation in liquid phase.


Bruker has implemented the new Agilent ICF (Instrument Control Framework) in current Compass™ SW. All ICF supported Agilent HPLC modules from nano- to UHPLC flow range are supported in Compass™. This covers the most part of the 1100 through 1290 Product lines.


Full access to all UltiMate3000™ systems from nano- to UHPLC flow range via DCMSLink in Compass™.


A Compass™ Plug-in to control the PLATINblue product line, UHPLC and HPLC Plus, is offered by Knauer. Both LC Systems and their modules are supported in Bruker Compass™ SW.


A Compass™ Plug-in for support of the ExpressLC-100™ system is offered by Eksigent.


A Compass™ Plug-in for full support of the Prominence™ and Nexera™ LC product lines is offered by Shimadzu.


Full support of the LaChrom Elite™ and LaChrom ultra™ product lines in Bruker Compass™.


Waters Acquity™ and Waters nano Acquity™ are fully supported in Bruker Compass™ SW.