Super Wide Bore Gradients and Probes

Vertical super wide bore magnets with bore diameters of 154 mm and field strengths up to 9.4 T have been used for imaging studies for some time. Now, even higher field strengths of up to 11.7 T have become available. A particular advantage of the super wide bore magnets is the large volume of homogeneous field that is produced.

Gradient System

An increasing number of imaging applications demand the ultra-high magnetic fields with increased requirements to gradient and shimming technology. Bruker BioSpin therefore is introducing the BGA-S series, a complete new series of high performance actively shielded gradient systems with integrated shim coils.

Superior performance on the following major characteristics can thus be achieved:

  • Ultra high gradient strength
  • Very short gradient slew rates
  • Excellent gradient duty cycle
  • Optimal gradient linearity
  • Very high gradient shielding quality
  • Maximal shim strength

RF Section

Customized probes with fixed or exchangeable resonators of different inner diameters up to 72 mm support best filling factors and highest sensitivities for various object sizes.


The vertical orientation of the magnet bore is mandatory for many studies in material science, chemical and process engineering, where the orientation of the magnetic field has to be parallel to the direction of gravitation.

Typical investigations are studies of:

  • Transport phenomena driven by the gravity field
  • Multiphase flow
  • Inhomogeneous compounds (liquid/gas)
  • Mixing, demixing & sedimentation
  • Simulation and scaling of reactors, where chemical reactions may depend on transport processes, driven by gravity

Probes and resonators

  • Birdcages and customized coil designs
  • ID/OD: 40 mm / 90 mm and  66 mm / 90 mm
  • Nuclei: single tuned 1H, X, double tuned 1H/X

Gradient system B-GA 9S with RT-shim and related power supplies

  • Actively shielded gradients
  • Integrated shim set up to 2nd order
  • Outer / inner diameter: 152 mm / 90 mm
  • Gradient amplitude: >750 mT/m
  • Slew rate: 6660 T/m/s
  • Linearity 60 mm DSV: < ± 5%
  • Water cooled