Meeting new challenges in Solid State NMR

TriGamma product line

RF efficiency without compromise

Bruker’s TriGamma probes are a family of triple resonance solid state double-broadband 1H/X/Y MAS probes specifically designed for standard bore (54 mm) magnets. This new probe generation is currently available from 600 MHz up to 800 MHz, employing a 2.5mm MAS system. The TriGamma’s double-broadband X/Y architecture offers a highly versatile solution for NMR studies of a wide range of samples from material science to polymers and biological applications.

Double broadband for versatility

Hetero-nuclear solid state NMR is increasingly used to reveal structural information on a variety of materials. The TriGamma probes excel at techniques such as MQ-MAS and CP/MAS, but in addition offer the capability for heteronuclear X/Y correlation techniques. REDOR, TEDOR, MQ-MAS HETCOR can easily be performed on a variety of nuclear combinations, thanks to the double-broadband design of the TriGamma probes. NMR correlations between 27Al, 23Na, 17O, 31P, 29Si, 13C, 15N indicate spatial proximity and allow distance measurements that provide structural information across a wide range of materials such as glasses, ceramics, mesoporous materials, polymers, as well as organic and biological samples.

Trigamma Probes
The TriGamma product line: from 600 MHz to 800 MHz