Very Fast MAS Applications

1.9 mm MAS Probe

Bruker’s very fast spinning MAS systems have opened up new worlds of spin manipulation enabling new and fascinating experiments in solid state NMR. This commitment began with the achievement of 35 kHz in the mid-nineties followed by 70 kHz ten years later.

With the new 1.9 mm probe Bruker is responding to an increasing area of interest and new market focus, and filling that gap by enabling fast spinning of nuclei less sensitive than 19F and 1H, offering 42 kHz spinning frequency at 10L active sample volume.



  • New, optimized coil design delivers outstanding sensitivity
  • Available for probes from 200 to 1000 MHz, in SB or WB version. The standard probe is double resonance with tuning range 31P to 15N, easily extendable to 14N
  • Triple resonance probes are either fixed frequency (SB) or double broad banded (WB). HFX is also available
  • Dedicated tools enable easy sample packing and cleaning
  • Unique push-through design for easy rotor maintenance
Fast 1.9mm MAS probe