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Fully-Automated, Atomic-Level Force Control For CMP Wafers


InSight AFP is the world’s highest performance CMP profiling and etch depth metrology system for advanced technology nodes. The system combines the latest innovations in atomic force microscopy, including Bruker’s proprietary PeakForce Tapping® technology, with the proven long-scan capability of an atomic force profiler. Replacing costly wafer cross-sectioning, InSight AFP monitors etch depth, dishing, and erosion on submicron features with unsurpassed repeatability.

With its radical increases in speed and accuracy, Bruker’s fifth-generation AFP provides the industry’s highest resolution, fastest profiling, rapid 3D die mapping, and flattest profiles for submicron production. 

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Control CMP processes and monitoring.

InSight AFP measurements are non-destructive and material insensitive, enable profiling down to the 10nm node for controlling CMP processes. Providing the highest throughput available, the system can monitor up to 15 wafers per hour (5 sites), with 1 Å vertical resolution.

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Experience 5x faster profiling speeds.

Insight AFP outperforms its competitors by offering 1-2mm/sec profiling speeds, in any direction, not just X. With its new recipe drive, InSight AFP boasts a <2hr die-map capability.

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Profile at any angle.

Profile in standard angles (0°, 45°, 90°) or arbitrary angles (e.g., 31°, 47°, 89°), for improved cost of operation and throughput. InSight AFP enables users to choose the profiling angle and axis that best suits their profiling needs.