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Achieve High Resolution with Confidence — Any Time, Every Time

Enabling researchers to routinely create high-resolution images with PeakForce Tapping®.

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Pinpoint force to any atom on your sample.

Operate at the sweet spot for resolution.

Dimension Icon Point Defect Resolution on Calcite v1

Point defect resolution, even in nanomechanics.

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Unleash Bandwidth to Go Fast

Increasing scan speed in air without loss of performance with Fast Tapping.

Achieve 4X speed gain for samples with nm roughness with adaptive scan option.

Fast Tapping on SiO wafer

Fast Tapping on SiO wafer

Fast tapping on ITO

Fast Tapping on ITO

Immediately double the imaging speed with bidirectional scan option.

Scan up to 10X faster by following the BKM with Bruker’s proprietary fast probe.

FastScan C probe

Fastscan-C Probe

Capture the Most Complete Quantitative Nanoscale Data

Combining high-resolution images with complete nanomechanics data.

Nanoscale viscoelastic characterization with high confidence.

Pspmma image icon more v1

3D surface representing sample topography with false coloring by loss modulus. Blue areas have higher loss modulus and the red areas are lower loss modulus corresponding to the PS matrix and PMMA inclusions respectively. Loss modulus map generated by contact resonance via Bruker’s FASTForce Volume Nanomechanics mode. 5µm scan, ~ 590kHz, 256x256 pixels.

FastScan syndiotactic polypropylene domains v1

PeakForce QNM image of Syndiotactic polypropylene domains (violet) surrounded by a PMMA (teal) matrix. Topographic data painted with modulus to allow easy identification of components, revealing lamellae formed by syndiotactic polypropylene that propagate through the PMMA matrix. Image size 8 µm.






Routine quantifiable mechanical data with the new NanoMechanics Lab.


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Acquiring nanoelectrical and nanochemical data for advanced AFM research.






Electrical investigation on previously impossible samples.



Capture the most s1v1

Current imaging on vertically standing carbon nanotubes. Only possible with PeakForce TUNA®.

Capture the most s2v1

Left: Atomic-scale force cube with PeakForce Capture™ showing the positions of individual atoms in a vertical (XZ) cut. Right: Averaged PeakForce Capture data showing evidence of solvent structure.






Capture the entire force cube to fully characterize contact mechanics.

Real-time investigation of the chemical information of atoms.

FastScan Realtime v1

PeakForce Tapping height images (left) and force curves (right) showing the difference in surface atom arrangement and atomic scale tip-sample interaction between calcite and mica.


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Unlimited Potential — Fully Flexible with Open Access

Enabling researchers to routinely create high-resolution images with PeakForce Tapping®.

Unlimited Potential s1v1

Complete environmental solutions for battery, organic solar, and beyond.





Be first with the widest range of unique modes; when it does not exist, invent it.

Unlimited Potentail S2v1
FastScan Custom collage v2

Left: AFM-Raman correlation while in glove box. Right: Photoconductive AFM accessory.




Modify our open platform to correlate any additional technique.


Directly access our software and electronics in the way that is easiest for you, including COM, breakout box, nanoman/litho, and force scripting.

FastScan Coding v1

Left: Instrument integration example using COM access to NanoScope. Right: NanoScript programming in C++ environment.

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Surprisingly Simple

Allowing users of all experience levels to achieve expert results via ScanAsyst® image optimization software.

FastScan Publication Graph v2

NanoScope® is the most adopted, and most cited AFM product in the world.

We're always with you.

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