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Icon AFM incorporates the latest evolution of Bruker’s industry-leading nanoscale imaging and characterization technologies on a large sample tip-scanning AFM platform. The Icon’s temperature-compensating position sensors render noise levels in the sub-angstroms range for the Z-axis, and angstroms in X-Y. This level of performance has established the new generation of what Atomic Force Microscopy should be.

Ultimate Performance

  • Proprietary sensor design achieves closed-loop performance with noise levels previously unseen on any AFM
  • Significantly reduced noise floor at less than 30pm enabling imaging at sub-nanometer resolution
  • Drift rates less than 200pm per minute render distortion-free images immediately

Enhanced Nanoscale Automation

Bruker’s new AutoMET™ software uniquely enables the combination of high-resolution AFM imaging with fast, automated metrology. It provides exceptional ease of use and adaptability for critical-to-quality measurements in high-volume measurement applications. AutoMET includes an intuitive and simple recipe-writing environment that makes it extremely easy to reduce complex measurement routines to simple, push-button operations.

Exceptional Productivity

  • Integrated alignment tools deliver quick and optimized probe positioning
  • High-resolution camera and X-Y positioning permit faster, more efficient sample navigation
  • ScanAsyst® Imaging and NanoScope® software with default experiment modes distill decades of knowledge into preconfigured settings

Superior Versatility

  • Wide-open access to tip and sample accommodates a large variety of standard and customized experiments
  • Most sensitive and complete nanoscale mapping of permittivity and conductivity with PeakForce sMIM™
  • Instrument and software designed to take full advantage of all current and future Bruker AFM modes and techniques
  • Custom user-programmable scripts offer semi-automated measurement and analysis
The intuitive graphical user interface provides immediate access to eight channels and extensive controller functions. Image data (left) show topography of triblock copolymer with 5Kx5K data.