PHOTON II detector, single crystal x-ray diffraction
PHOTON detector, CMOS, single crystal X-ray diffraction

SC-XRD Detectors

Detectors for crystallographic applications require a unique combination of sensitivity, speed, dynamic range, resolution, and detector size. The PHOTON II, and PHOTON 50 take full advantage of very-high-flux X-ray sources.



These revolutionary detectors are offered in the, D8 QUEST ECO, D8 QUEST and D8 VENTURE. All our detectors for single crystal X-ray diffraction feature our unique air-cooled design, which gives you ultimate convenience and reliability, backed by our unmatched three-year detector warranty.


From the company that brought you the first in-house CCD and CMOS detectors, Bruker once again continues to spearhead X-ray detector development with the revolutionary new PHOTON II, the first CPAD for in-house X-ray crystallography.

  • Largest monolithic active area of any pixel array
  • No gaps due to the use of a single wafer-scale silicon sensor
  • Single-photon sensitivity
  • No charge sharing effects, zero counting losses


The D8 QUEST ECO features the PHOTON 50 CMOS detector. The CMOS sensor used in the PHOTON 50 is two times larger than a typical CCD chip, and features 1:1 detection for up to 6 times higher sensitivity.

Additionally, zero-maintenance CMOS sensors do not suffer from the blooming and streaking seen in CCDs and thus the PHOTON 50 handles strong reflections better which results in an impressive low-resolution data quality.

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