PHOTON III Detector for Macromolecular Crystallography

Largest active area - highest sensitivity - best data quality

Largest pixel array detector for the home laboratory

It has been long been appreciated that a detector with a large active area offers compelling advantages for macromolecular crystallography.

A large detector allows faster, more efficient data collection and thus better data. This is especially crucial when working with small, radiation sensitive samples.

For this reason, synchrotron beamlines typically deploy large pixel area detectors with active areas of 40,000 mm2 or larger. However, in the home laboratory costs have limited available pixel area sizes to a tiny fraction of this size.

  • The new PHOTON III is the largest pixel array detector offered for the home laboratory with an active area of 200 x 140 mm2.

Large area for fast and efficient data

Large area for fast and efficient data


PHOTON III - Bring your beamline home. 

Mixed mode detection

In addition the PHOTON III also brings another advanced feature of the latest beamline detectors into the home lab for the first time: mixed-mode detection.

D8 VENTURE with PHOTON III detector
D8 VENTURE with PHOTON III detector
  • Mixed-mode seamlessly combines photon counting and integration simultaneously to offer both highest sensitivity and the best linearity of any laboratory detector for the best possible data quality.
  • The PHOTON III surpasses any laboratory detector in Detective Collection Efficiency (DCE) and guarantees the best data for your most challenging experiments.


Our new D8 VENTURE BIOTOOLS feature the PHOTON III making the D8 VENTURE to the ultimate solution for home laboratory macromolecular crystallography.