TXS, Rotating Anode, Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction
optics, X-ray diffraction, Göbel mirror
detector, X-ray diffraction, energy dispersive
Motorized XYZ sample stage, single crystal X-ray diffraction
Non-ambient stages, xrd components

High Performance XRD Components

A typical X-ray instrument is built by combining high performance components such as sources, optics, detectors, non-ambient stages, sample stages, etc. to meet the analytical requirements. A consequent modular design is the key to configure the best instrumentation.

All categories of components are part of Bruker AXS' key competence. Therefore, all key components are developed and manufactured by Bruker AXS, or in close cooperation with third party vendors.

As such, the Bruker AXS XRD components are provided for upgrading the installed x-ray systems for improving their performance.

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