D2-PHASER 2nd Generation - X-ray desktop

D2 PHASER - XRD for everyone, everywhere, and everything

The versatile hardware of the D2 PHASER combined with the Bruker DIFFRAC.SUITE software platform allows users the flexibility to create automated push-button methods for maximum ease of use and the ability to customize measurement conditions and configurations to obtain optimum data quality for every sample.

This portable all-in-one design needs no water cooling and no special power supply, making the D2 PHASER unmatched in its ability to bring powder XRD to any location.

XRD for everyone

Scalable measurement and analysis software

  • Push button mode for beginners
  • Full flexibility for experts


Videos to get you started

  • Comprehensive guide from setup to analysis
  • Learn on your schedule
  • Ideal for labs with large dynamic user bases
XRD for everyone

D2 PHASER Transportation Handles

XRD for everywhere

Unique All in One design

Optional reusable shipping case

No special utility requirements

  • No external water chiller
  • 110V or 220V single phase


No installation or alignment required

  • Take it out of the box, plug it in and turn it on

XRD for everything

Easy optimization for minimum scan time or maximum scan resolution

Sample holders for every specimen type

Optional 6 position sample changer

Universal design for all powder applications

  • From phase ID to structure solution
XRD for everything