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Bruker UK NMR Users Meeting

Monday, November 21st + Tuesday November 22nd, 2022

Coventry, UK

Don’t Miss the Bruker UK NMR Users Meeting

The Bruker Users Meeting is an annual gathering of our NMR community in the UK and a chance to listen, learn and share knowledge and ideas. We're pleased to organize this very special event and look forward to a lively day.

Mark your calendar and register now!

The user meeting will be held at Windmill Village Hotel, Golf Club & Spa. There is also a contingent of rooms available (£115.00 for bed and breakfast per room for single use) - please contact the hotel on 01676 522735 to book, mentioning Bruker.

We look forward to seeing you in Coventry soon.

With best regards
Your Bruker Team

Workshop Sessions, Monday, November 21st:

Session 1: Shimming like a BOSS (14:00)

Optimising and adjusting shims for liquids/solids/high-field/low-field/locked/unlocked/…


Session 2a: Multi-receive and NOAH (15:45)

Session 2b: GxP and Mdrive (15:45)

 Monday, November 21st

Workshop Sessions

Time Session Topic
14:00 1 Shimming like a BOSS
15:15 Break  
15:45 2a Multi-receive and NOAH
  2b GxP and Mdrive
17:00 End  
18:30 Dinner Location: Restaurant Windmill Village Hotel [registration must be received by 14th November]
 Tuesday, November 22nd


Time Program Speaker
09:00 Registration and coffee  
09:10 Introduction and Welcome Andy Gibbs
09:20 Latest Technology with high-field NMR and liquid-state NMR  
09:40 Benchtop NMR - Fourier 80 Agnes Haber
10:00 Solid-state NMR Update Barbara Perrone
10:30 Coffee  
11:00 Topspin and NMR software news Pavel Kessler
11:20 Pharma Solutions Anna Codina
11:40 Services and Support News – LabScape and Connexus Updates Yomi Salami
12:10 Q+A session  
12:30 Lunch  
14:00 The UK DNP MAS Facility Paolo Vioglio, Nottingham University
14:20 BioNMR Workflow and software updates Daniel Matthieu
14:40 Analysis of sidechain dynamics using slowly-relaxing methyl quadruple-quantum coherences Chris Waudby, UCL
15:00 Coffee  
15:30 MR Microscopy and Diffusion Applications Antonios Papaioannou
15:50 Mnova: A User’s Eye Overview David Williamson
16:10 Tips and Tricks from the apps lab Robin Stein, Mark Howard
16:30 end of formal meeting  
  Bruker UK staff remain available for further discussions and questions  
17:00 CLOSE