Novel Solutions for the Quantification and Characterisation of Polymorphs and Amorphous Form

In this webinar Dr Matteo Daldosso, Aptuit and Dr. Sebastian Wegner and Dr. Anna Codina, Bruker BioSpin, will discuss novel solutions for solid form characterisation and quantification.

Patent expiration is a threat for pharmaceutical industry and an opportunity for generic companies. In average, there is a 90% decrease of revenue after the patent expiration of a drug. There are different strategies to line extension such as combination therapies, new medical applications, a new isomer, different dosing and new solid forms (crystalline or amorphous). Millions are spent by drug originators and generics firms on intellectual property lawsuits dealing with solid form. When this happens, you want the best data in your hands!

In general, different polymorphs show different physicochemical characteristics and properties. Therefore, the selection of the API form for drug product (DP) development is more than critical because the API form itself has a great impact on the properties of the final DP: the form selection problem has ethic, therapeutics, commercial and economic implications.

Solutions to polymorphs and amorphous forms characterisation and quantification will be evaluated including in house or synchrotron based powder X-Ray diffraction with its application to ordered and disordered materials, solid state NMR (ssNMR) and relaxometry by time-domain NMR (TD-NMR). Join us to hear about disruptive game-changers such as the new cryogenic probe for ssNMR with a 3-fold sensitivity increase or the minipec FromCheck benchtop. Get ahead of the game!

What to Expect

In this webinar Dr Matteo Daldosso, Aptuit and Dr. Sebastian Wegner and Dr. Anna Codina, Bruker BioSpin, will discuss novel solutions for solid form characterisation and quantification.

Key Topics

  • Dramatically improving your productivity with the new CryoProbe for solids
  • Increasing throughput with the walk-up solid-state NMR lab
  • Decreasing amorphous form LOQ with the benchtop TD-NMR relaxometer

Who Should Attend?

This webinar will be of interest to those looking to extend and improve their analytical capabilities, heads of solid form characterisation, analytical and chemical R&D, laboratory managers and expert users of complementary technologies. It is especially dedicated for those seeking to understand the return of investment in novel solutions that play a critical role in the market exclusivity of therapeutic drugs and therefore heavily impact revenue.


Dr. Matteo Daldosso

Manager, Physical Properties Unit | Aptuit, An Evotec Company – Verona, Italy

Matteo has a strong background in the solid state characterization of pharmaceutical and inorganic materials with expert understanding of the implications connected to the process of solid state profile determination in the pharmaceutical industry. His major responsibilities focus on crystalline structure elucidation, API form/version selection, x-rays diffraction and scattering, thermal analysis, spectroscopy, regulatory compliance and data integrity.

Dr. Sebastian Wegner

Product Manager Solid-State NMR, Bruker Biospin - Germany

studied physics at the University of Münster and did his PhD in physical chemistry using solid-state NMR to characterize amorphous glass systems in melt and at room temperature. At Bruker he is the Product Manager for solid-state NMR.

Dr. Anna Codina

Director Pharmaceutical Business Unit, Bruker BioSpin

Anna has a degree in Chemistry and a PhD in Protein NMR from the University of Barcelona, Spain. She undertook her post-doc in protein NMR at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge, UK, and following that worked in the Analytical R&D department of Pfizer for eight years, becoming proficient in low level impurity structure elucidation, reaction monitoring, qNMR and the preparation of regulatory documentation.

She received a Pfizer Worldwide Achievement Award for the implementation of reaction monitoring by NMR in an open access environment.

She joined Bruker in 2011 as Material Characterisation Laboratory Manager and she is now the Director of the Pharmaceutical Business Unit at Bruker BioSpin.


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