Webinar - 2021

Honey, a precious food. How Essential is it to ensure Honey Authenticity?

We are pleased to announce our educational webinar, which outlines the approach to honey authentication, showing how companies and governmental agencies around the world employ NMR technology for brand, business and consumer protection.

Webinar Overview

As a high-value food product, honey is particularly vulnerable to economically motivated adulteration (EMA). Such adulteration impacts the entire value chain, not only influencing consumer trust but potentially damaging the reputation of honey producers or resellers. Adulteration is partly also responsible for the fall in raw honey prices over the last decade, putting the livelihood of beekeepers at risk, while simultaneously the honey prices charged to final consumers have been increasing due to growing demand. Using a sophisticated, hands-off analytical method that is able to detect new modes of adulteration is vital to protecting the authenticity, integrity, and economic viability of honey.

Date: Thursday, October 7, 2021

Time: 2:00 P.M. India Standard Time | 10:30 A.M. Central European Time

Key Topics

  • Introduction of NMR, a primary and highly reproducible technique for authenticity control of food products and its advantages compared to other techniques.
  • Introduction of the new Honey-Profiling 3.0 method:
    • The expanded database, with 28.500 reference samples, covering over 50 countries and 100 monofloral varieties.
    • The new features for authenticity control of honey
    • Navigating through the new Bruker report: how the tests work and are validated
  • Examples of adoption of the NMR and the FoodScreener and the value of the solution for the different stakeholders.
  • Introduction of the new FoodScreener Essential Honey a cost-effective system dedicated for honey packers and honey analyses.

Who should attend?

The webinar will appeal to food testers; honey packers, importers or exporters; people working in regulatory or governmental bodies and those ensuring food authenticity and safety in the food industry. It will also be of interest to beekeepers, NMR specialists, and people working in Consumers Packed Goods (CPG) industries and private testing laboratories.


Léa Heintz

Product Manager, NMR-based Foodscreening
Bruker BioSpin GmbH

Léa Heintz is in charge of Bruker BioSpin’s NMR-based food screening product and solution portfolio. Holding a Master of Science’s degree in Analytical Chemistry, she works in close collaboration with the development, sales and marketing teams. Her main focus is to translate the customer needs into innovative solutions.

Thomas Spengler

Director Market Management Food Feed Beverages & Head of Lean Customer Development, AIC Division, Bruker BioSpin GmbH

Mr. Thomas holds a master degree from Technical University Munich in food engineering and he is in-charge of the Food, Feed & Beverage markets. His main focus is to support the business growth, to identify new markets and segments and translate the voice of the customers into new solutions which address their needs.


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