Metal Analysis in Tissues, Blood, Urine and other Body Fluids

Small biomedical research labs typically depend on external service labs with sophisticated lab infrastructure to run ICP-MS. But long waiting times and high costs are not acceptable for most researchers. TXRF is a powerful and cost-efficient alternative for any lab environment.

  • TXRF spectrometer are easy to install and do not require a sophisticated lab infrastructure (exhausts, gas lines etc.)
  • TXRF requires a fast and simple sample preparation only
  • For the analysis of essential elements like Fe, Cu, Se, P, Ca etc. detection limits in the ppb range are achieved

Typical biomedical applications where TXRF is successfully used:

  • Au, P nanoparticles in vascular science
  • Se analysis in body fluids
  • Elemental bio-markers for Prostate cancer detection
  • Research on Alzheimer‘s disease
  • Contaminant analysis of hemp
  • Cancer research and chemotherapeutic agents