Light-Sheet Images in Developmental Biology

Bruker light-sheet microscopes are equipped to study processes in developmental biology such as embryogenesis, cell tracking and vasculature studies.

Embryogenesis & Developmental Biology

Drosophila Embryo Development

Transgenic line expressing His2Av-mCherry as fluorescent nuclear reporter. The fruit fly embryo was imaged for almost one complete day (4 × 200 slices every 30 seconds). Imaged on the MuVi SPIM.

Courtesy of:
Lars Hufnagel
European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)
Heidelberg, Germany


Cell Tracking in Drosophila Embryo Development

Cell tracking created with arivis Vision4D 3D visualization and analysis software. Imaged on the MuVi SPIM.

Courtesy of:
Celia Smits and Stanislav Y. Shvartsman
Department of Molecular Biology
Princeton University, NJ

Zebrafish Development

Zebrafish imaged on the MuVi SPIM. Stitched from 5 stacks in Imaris, each 340 slices, 16 hour/10min. Fish growth can be observed.

Courtesy of:
Prof. Jingxia Liu
Huazhong Agricultural University

Zebrafish Embryonic Development

Zebrafish embryo expressing Histone H2A-GFP imaged every 6 min from late gastrula to 15–17 somite stage. Imaged on the MuVi SPIM.

Courtesy of:
Andres Collazo
Caltech, Pasadena, CA, USA
as well as: Course faculty and participants of the 2017 Zebrafish Course
Marine Biological Laboratory (MBL)
Woods Hole, MA, USA

Vascular Development in Zebrafish

From left to right: the video shows a beating Zebrafish heart imaged at 50 frames/sec, followed by Zebrafish blood vessels (magenta) and red blood cells (yellow) and Zebrafish blood flow imaged at 50 frames/sec. Imaged on the MuVi SPIM.

Courtesy of:
Nadia Mercader & Inés Marques
University of Bern
Bern, Switzerland

Drosophila Egg Chambers

Drosophila ovariole stained with phalloidin to label actin (red) found along membranes and the germline ring canals, DAPI (blue) to show the nuclei, and a somatic ring canal marker (green) to label the ring canals in the epithelium.

Courtesy of:
Jasmin Imran Alsous
Schvartsman Lab
Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, USA