Multiphoton Microscope Modules

NeuraLight 3D Ultra

The most advanced 3D holographic workstation for simultaneous all-optical stimulation and imaging

Spatial Light Modulation (SLM) for Ultima Microscopes

The NeuraLight 3D Ultra™ module provides revolutionary 3D holographic photostimulation capabilities specifically optimized for functional and large-scale studies on brain computation and neural networks. Building upon Bruker’s previous SLM technology and complementing the functionality of the Ultima family of multiphoton microscopes, the NeuraLight 3D Ultra module utilizes a new, larger, liquid crystal chip that unlocks access to a larger field of view, supporting more uniform optical manipulation of cells with 2x greater axial precision. This module delivers 4x faster response times that mimic neuronal firing, providing a time resolution well-suited for neuroscience research.

3D Optical Stimulation and Multiphoton Imaging Combined

Titrate precise, simultaneous, multicell stimulation in a 3D volume for in vivo studies

The NeuraLight 3D Ultra SLM leverages the flexibility of Ultima’s modular platform design, in addition to the new and enhanced liquid crystal chip, to create 3D laser holograms for simultaneous stimulation of cells in three dimensions. Coupled with a set of 6-millimeter galvanometers, NeuraLight 3D Ultra enables multiple stimulation points in a spiral scan pattern for projection in a 3D volume.

Perform multiplexed subcellular photoactivation

NeuraLight 3D Ultra can also generate precise, diffraction-limited points in a 3D space with subcellular resolution. Stimulation patterns targeting individual synapses or groups of synapses can be produced, allowing researchers to probe neural connectivity and signaling. Sequencing of stimulation patterns enables researchers to automate studies examining signal summation in individual neurons or in groups of neurons.

Optical stimulation of selected cells containing GCaMP6s using NeuraLight 3D. Cell bodies were stimulated simultaneously by creating a 3D hologram of points with the SLM and spiral scanning all points over the cell body. Courtesy of Adam Packer, Lloyd Russell, Henry Dalgleish, and Michael Häusser (University College London).

Target Functional Ensembles of Neurons

Rapidly switch between stimulation patterns

The improved time resolution of Neuralight 3D Ultra allows holographic masks to be rapidly changed at an industry-leading rate of 600Hz or within 1.6ms between activation patterns while imaging, recording electrical signals, and triggering behavioral and electrical stimuli data that are collected by an Ultima system. For in vivo studies, this provides a tool to mimic neuronal firing produced by behavioral stimuli. For subcellular studies examining connectivity and signaling, complex signal summation studies can be quickly executed.

Generate 3D activation patterns while imaging and recording electrical signals

The module includes a complete software toolkit for generating 3D activation patterns while imaging and recording electrical signals and triggering behavioral and electrical stimuli. A calibration wizard makes calibration a simple and straightforward process. 3D point location is mapped using an acquired Z series of the specimen. This also supports synchronization with imaging (resonant scanning, scanning line scanning, and point detection), along with electrical recording and triggering of electrical or behavioral stimuli.

Large field-of-view 3D optogenetic stimulation in the mouse visual cortex with NeuraLight 3D Ultra spatial light modulator (SLM). Circles represent SLM targets, and green represents neural activity in response to the SLM, obtained by imaging GCaMP6s at 920 nm in 2P. Image courtesy of Blake Russell, Packer Lab, Oxford University.

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