NMR & EPR Chemistry Solutions

Bruker offers comprehensive solutions for chemical research and analysis by providing innovative instruments with intuitive software and services. From chemistry education to high-tech polymer manufacturing, Bruker has a solution that is right for you.

Complete Solutions for Chemical Research and Analysis

Bruker's broad range of analytical systems supports chemistry from analytical, to environmental, to organic. Whether for research, agricultural optimization, or complex materials research, Bruker has the right tools.

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Analytical Chemistry

NMR as a method fulfills many of the basic requirements of chemical analysis. It can identify and quantify matter but not directly separate it. For quantitative analysis NMR is especially suited as it is a primary ratio method.

Chemical Education

Whether you are looking at instrumental analysis, organic chemistry lab, physical chemistry instruction or biochemical labs the use of NMR is present in all these activities at educational institutions.

Environmental Chemistry

Though not as sensitive as MS or GC_MS the application of NMR in the field of environmental chemistry provides valuable and rich information about such topics as the structure of compounds found in the environment or the fate of fertilizers or drugs.

Natural Products

NMR is an essential analytical technique in natural products chemistry. Neither the elucidation of complex structures nor the total synthesis of natural product molecules can be completed without NMR data.

Organic Chemistry

Bruker offers solutions for a wide variety of applications of NMR in organic chemistry.  Whether NMR is used to elucidate novel structures, confirm the success of a reaction or monitoring reactions directly, organic chemistry without NMR is almost inconceivable.

Petroleum Chemistry

NMR has found application in petroleum research since its inception as a commercial product, and the fuel additives field has since become a heavily studied area.

Polymer Chemistry

Polymer research in academia has long benefitted from NMR spectroscopy. Many of the samples that need to be investigated can be submitted to NMR analysis with minimal preparation which might affect structure or composition.

Structural Biology

Bruker has been a pioneer in the development of instrumentation and methods for protein and nucleic-acid NMR. The Bruker BioSpin AVANCE™ series of spectrometers has become a well-established standard for structural biology applications in a large number of laboratories around the world.