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Magnettech ESR5000

Expand your analytical capabilities with EPR technology. The Bruker Magnettech ESR5000 provides both academic and industrial laboratories with X-band research grade sensitivity plus a wide field range, all in a compact and easy-to-install benchtop solution.

High performance

Compact design

Magnettech ESR5000



45 kg
The spectrometer has a weight of only 45 kg and a 39.7 x 26.2 x 19.2 cm3 footprint
6500 G
Sweep width of 6500 G at X-band operating frequency
Versatile Options
Temperature controller, autosampler, goniometer, and more
Magnettech ESR5000 Bench-top EPR Spectrometer
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  • Unique and Far-reaching
  • Versatile and Nondestructive
  • Routine ease of use with unmatched performance

  • Superior sensitivity and stability

  • Low cost of ownership

  • Minimal infrastructure requirement
  • Suitable for comprehensive range of applications

  • User friendly ESRStudio software



Alanine Dosimetry System

Magnettech ESR5000 is a complete alanine-EPR dosimetry system for routine dosimetry in industrial irradiation facilities, or for use as an in-house alanine reference dosimetry system.

Highest quality measurements:
The Magnettech ESR5000 instrument provides a
stronger measurement response signal than any other
bench-top EPR spectrometer on the market today, with
higher measurement sensitivity.

Cuts measurement time in half:
The Magnettech ESR5000 EPR system reduces measurement
times in half, from 40 seconds down to 10
seconds or less.

the new EPR spectrometer uses a solid-state technology,
to provide a more rugged industrial instrument for
higher reliability and uptime > 99 %.

Accommodates a wide variety of commercially available
alanine dosimeters with specialized holders.
Remote accessibility:
IP based system allows remote operation and technical
support from anywhere in the world.



Operating frequency X-band  
Sensitivity 5x10ⁱ⁰ spins/mT (5x10⁹ spins/G)  
Microwave power 1 μW – 100 mW  
Concentration sensitivity 50 pM  
Field homogeneity ± 5 μT (50 mG) within sample region  
Field stability 1.0 μT/h (10 mG/h)  
Magnetic field range 0 to 650 mT (0 to 6500 G)  
Modulation frequency 10 kHz and 100 kHz  



ESR Studio Software

Software ESRStudio

ESRStudio is a powerful and user-friendly software for data acquisition and processing with some of the most modern and fluent workflow-based user interfaces.

Key Features

  • User/application based customization
  • Workflow for automated spectrum evaluation
  • Automated lab report generation
  • Remote access - access your EPR spectrometer from anywhere in the world via the internet



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