NMR Software

Bruker Chemist Suite

Process, analyze, and report all spectroscopic data in one software solution with Bruker Chemist Suite
Processing, Analysis, Data Storage & Reports
For synthetic chemists
NMR and MS Data
Able to process both NMR and MS data including LC or GC or even hyphenated data
Works with TopSpin's Data Aquisition
Seamlessly takes data from Bruker’s TopSpin and IconNMR acquisition tools
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Bruker Chemist Suite is a collection of efficient tools for data management, processing, analysis and reporting of various types of analytical data. The software also provides powerful modules for quantification and purity determination, for generating an IUAPC name from a chemical structure and for NMR spectra prediction. It also helps with confirmation of chemical structure identity and structure verification.

A professional way to visualize, process, analyze and report your 1D and 2D NMR data

Supports the specific NMR needs of analytical and organic chemists.

Designed to visualize, process, analyze and report various electronic and vibrational spectroscopic techniques

Carry out the analysis of various optical spectroscopy data.

Quantitative NMR analysis made easy!

For all your qNMR concentration and purity determinations.

Process, analyze and report your LC-MS and GC-MS data from your different instruments

Designed for Academia, chemistry, medicine, pharma and environmental chemistry.

Automatic confirmation of structure identity based on NMR and/or LC/GC/MS data

Designed for synthetic and medicinal chemists. It automatically checks a proposed structure against a set of analytical data.

Store, search, and share analytical data

A professional database with a very flexible data model integrated within Mnova for the efficiently shared storage of molecular structures and other data.

Accurate prediction of 1H and 13C NMR spectra from a chemical structure

Calculates accurate and precise NMR chemical shifts using a novel procedure that combines several prediction engines in a constructive way.

Generate the IUPAC name for your molecular structures

Designed for organic chemists when using Mnova software.

Data browser for TopSpin datasets

Data browser that highly integrates TopSpin directory architecture. It allows fast browsing through multiple dataset directories and NMR experiments and filter of NMR datasets created in TopSpin.


  • One software suite and one graphical user interface to process all analytical chemistry data (NMR, LC/GC-MS, UV-Vis, FT-IR, Raman)
  • Powerful algorithms for prediction of NMR spectra as well as for automatic and assisted structure verification with a flexible scoring system
  • Purity determination and quantification of 1D NMR data of various nuclei, in manual, assisted and automatic modes
  • Easy storage in a centralized database with file access using DB MyData and TopSpin Browser
  • Efficient reporting and reporting template


  • The toolbox combines all your analytical data within the same software interface. This offers a very efficient way to process, analyze and report your data
  • Benefit from the world-leading NMR acquisition tool and use its data for comprehensive processing, analyzing, and reporting
  • Save time with efficient reporting and reporting templates


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