Ellipsometers and Reflectometers

Ellipsometry Tutorial

Very sensitive, non-destructive optical measurements with unmatched capabilities for thin film metrology

What is Spectroscopic Ellipsometry?

Spectroscopic ellipsometry is a powerful optical reflectance measurement technique used to determine film thickness and the optical and other related properties of thin films. It demonstrates better sensitivity than other polarization-dependent optical techniques, particularly to film thickness and uniformity, and can provide easy access to information not feasibly derived by any other reflection measurement method. Most notably, given ideal operation and process conditions, spectroscopic ellipsometry can deliver more accurate film thickness measurements on thinner film samples than any other known technique.

Our spectroscopic ellipsometry systems are based on the best-known technical design and incorporate advanced and patented FilmTek technologies. While the typical measurable thickness range of a spectroscopic reflectometer ranges from tens to hundreds of nanometers, FilmTek spectroscopic ellipsometry systems can measure film layers down to less than one angstrom thick without compromising measurement accuracy or repeatability.


Contact us for more information about our ellipsometers or other thin film metrology tools, or to discuss your unique measurement requirements with an ellipsometry expert.

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