Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction (SC-XRD)

The Bruker AXS Co-crystallization award

  • Bruker AXS will award the “best” cocrystal structure based on the new ‘Chaperone’ approach published by Krupp et. al., Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2020, 59, 15875.
  • The prize is endowed with 1000 EUR
  • Scientific committee will evaluate submitted structures
  • Chaperone will be made available at against a protective charge
  • The award will be presented in October 2023

Criteria for the “best” structure

  • Structure will push the limits of the methods (quality, time, molecular weight, first time quality crystallization of a high interest molecule)
  • Structure fully complies to IUCR requirements (no level A alerts in checkCIF) and ideally is published
  • Data were obtained using a Bruker instrument