Chaperone Compounds
Chaperone Compounds
Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction (SC-XRD)

Chaperone Compounds for Co-crystallization of Organics

Often in less than one hour our single-crystal X-ray diffraction (SC-XRD) solutions enable high-quality 3D structure analysis – including absolute structure determination. This makes SC-XRD an extremely fast and comprehensive method. However, a large number of small or highly flexible organic molecules remain intractable to established crystallization methods. Our new sets of Chaperones provide access to highly effective co-crystallization, which adds a powerful method to the toolbox of chemists and crystallographers.

  • The chaperone method is fast and easy to use
  • Structures in hours rather than weeks
  • Small quantities of analyte required
  • Excellent quality crystals
  • Sample screen of 52 organic compounds
    -  Diffraction-quality crystals in 88% of cases
    -  High resolution X-ray structures in 77% of cases
  • The chaperone compounds are highly stable
  • 100% analyte occupancy in the crystal guarantees reliable determination of the absolute configuration

In addition to the chaperone each set consists of:

  • 30 crystallization vials
  • Instruction set on memory stick
  • Reference publications

The chaperones can significantly increase the probability of successful crystallization and provide faster access to the absolute 3D structure of an organic analyte.


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