EDS system with large-area SDD for Hitachi´s Benchtop SEM, the TM4000

QUANTAX 75-60 is an EDS system specially designed to work with the Hitachi TM4000, a benchtop scanning electron microscope (SEM). 

The system is a complete EDS solution to provide the benefits of elemental analysis to Hitachi's benchtop SEM. The large-area 60 mm2 silicon drift detector (SDD) enhances routine EDS analysis by capturing more data at a faster rate than smaller-area standard detectors. The system includes the XFlash SDD, a small electronics unit and intuitive ESPRIT Compact analysis software. 

This solution for tabletop electron microscopes provides the ability to measure the elements, from boron (Z = 5) to californium (Z = 98), in samples for both qualitative and quantitative analyses, as well as elemental mapping at a high-energy resolution of 129 eV. 

The XFlash 660H EDS detector used with QUANTAX 75-60.

60 mm2 SDD for Increased X-ray Collection: Fast, High-Resolution, Versatile 

Analyze Samples at a High Throughput 

The large SDD size in QUANTAX 75-60 means that, compared to a conventional 30 mm2 SDD, less time is required to collect the volume of X-ray signals required to create a high-quality elemental map. Higher volume X-ray collection alongside high-speed processing results in a faster analysis and greater throughput. 

Elemental Analysis with Excellent Spatial Resolution

QUANTAX 75-60 maps elements at an excellent spatial resolution. The system's large active detector area surface can collect a high number of X-rays allowing measurements to be taken at low beam currents, and therefore with a lower spot size and higher spatial resolution. 

Map a Wide Range of Samples 

The 60 mm2 area of the QUANTAX 75-60 system works well at lower beam intensities. The XFlash 660H detector's large active area of 60 mm2 directly translates into a high collection angle. This means that, even at low beam energies, enough X-rays can be collected to produce a high-quality elemental map. The ability to work at lower beam currents allows for the analysis of a wide range of samples, such as beam-sensitive samples that are usually difficult to analyze using conventional EDS on a tabletop SEM. 

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