ESPRIT Feature

Setting up the feature detection routine

The Feature module adds comprehensive image analysis functions to the ESPRIT microanalysis package. At the heart of this solution is the ability to detect, measure and analyze any form of feature, and to provide its chemical classification using the high throughput capability of the XFlash® detectors.


Method based approach

The configuration of particle detection and chemical classification can be stored to disk as a method. Therefore such a method for feature analysis can be set up once by the expert, and used over and over by the less experienced user.


Full integration

Full integration with the ESPRIT software package allows ESPRIT Feature to use all of the necessary functions of ESPRIT combined with the usability already familiar to the QUANTAX user.


Full automation

The integration also allows the feature analysis to be automated via ESPRIT‘s Jobs function. All settings and methods can be selected for a fully automated feature and chemical classification run.