MOBILE-IR II FT-IR Spectrometer

It is the world‘s only portable FT-IR spectrometer with true lab grade performance and a rugged build (IP65) that withstands exposure to the elements and strong vibrations.

Lab-grade performance.     

Rugged build. Mobile Design.

The mobile infrared benchmark

Bringing the Lab to the Field: MOBILE-IR II

Watch our product movie to learn about the MOBILE-IR II's features.
Our application video shows some use-cases of the MOBILE-IR II.
OUR statement

Maximum Performance. Highest Resilience.

A mobile FT-IR spectrometer with true laboratory performance that you can take anywhere. Even on the road, you never have to sacrifice performance or compromise on reliability or spectral quality. With an IP65 certification, the instrument bravely defies the elements and withstands strong vibrations.

MOBILE-IR II Features:

  • Cryogen-free MCT detector (TE-MCT)
  • Rugged design (IP65) and non-vibration baseplate
  • Internal high-capacity Li-ion battery
  • Heatable diamond ATR crystal
  • Super-robust carry-case (IP67)
  • OPUS TOUCH operating software
  • RockSolidTM interferometer (>10 years life-time)
  • CenterGlowTM source (lifetime >5 years)
  • Diode laser (lifetime >10 years)

MOBILE-IR  Benefits:

  • lab-grade FT-IR performance without liquid N2
  • Completetly dust-tight and inert to water/humidity
  • Operate independent from infrastructure and powergrid
  • Easy and safe transport of device and accessories
  • Beginner-friendly software needs only 10 minutes training
  • long service-life by high-quality components
  • Extended warranties on key optical components

Your FT-IR is Going Places. Join it!

The MOBILE-IR II, different samples, and the cable-connected tablet PC running OPUS TOUCH.

A TE-MCT means more performance, less measurement time.

More spectral power for your applications with a thermoelectrically cooled MCT detector. This faster-responding detector halves your measurement time and doubles the signal-to-noise ratio compared to a DTGS detector.

Another advantage is the increased spectral stability, which is particularly useful to negate external influencing factors such as shocks (e.g. in a warehouse) or strong vibrations (e.g. on a construction site).

A heatable ATR crystal gives you practicality and flexibility.

The ATR crystal of the MOBILE-IR II is always heatable - whether you chose the standard trough version or the plane optional ATR crystal. With it you can evaporate solvents or perform temperature-controlled FT-IR experiments.

Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Cloud, USB - You decide.

You decide how to connect to the MOBILE-IR II and access its data. Either with cable or wireless connection from your spectrometer to the PC, the device provides any connection mode that you need.

The integrity and safety of your data is non-negotiable.

Security and integrity of data is critical for many use-cases. That‘s why the MOBILE-IR II offers all standard connectivity options, like cloud connectivity and data transfer to LIMS or MES via MS SQL.

Robust PC, rugged spectrometer, and easy software.

A robust spectrometer needs a robust PC. The included ruggedized tablet comes with an IP67 certification. With a touch tablet PC, measurements can be analyzed in standing, sitting or squatting position without the challenges of using a laptop

OPUS TOUCH is a smart software you can use on any PC, with your fingers or mouse and keyboard.
The carry-case is sturdy, practical, and helps you bring the MOBILE-IR II whereever you go.

Rock and Roll.

The MOBILE-IR II features Bruker‘s famous RockSolidTM Cube corner interferometer. For more than a decade it has remained the benchmark for FT-IR measurements with utmost Stability and reliability even when faced With difficult work environments. It is pure lab power that rolls whereever you need it.

Take everything with you.

The MOBILE-IR II already is ruggedized and can withstand
Almost anything you throw at it. But to really bring your FT-IR labanywhere you need a robust solution for your travel needs. The included carry case does notOnly have all the space for every accessory and the tablet PC. It withstands even jetstream water and drops from up to 2 meters in height onto a concrete floor.

Power for the whole day

The integrated battery of the MOBILE-IR II provides you with power during off-grid operations and in-field activities. The indicator tells you about the remaining charge (100/75/50/25%).

Ready to face the elements

The resistance to environmental effects comes with a tightly sealed FT-IR spectrometer with a metal casing to protect internal components from environmental effects, also increasing its lifetime.

Pack. Travel. Unpack.

Specifically designed for the MIRII and its components the carry-case has a lot of space for everything you need. Tidy and practical, it's almost like traveling with hand luggage.

Mobile FT-IR Applications

The MOBILE-IR II was made for explorers, first responders, harm prevention, law enforcement and all the other jobs that require a true lab-grade mobile performance to make our world safer. But that is only the first step. Bruker envisions so many more applications where a field-ready FT-IR can make all the difference in increasing productivity in the industrial field. From the quality control of the raw material to the product check directly at the production line.

Mobile or portable laboratories

MOBILE IR II allows first responders like firefighters, police, customs detecting harmful or dangerous substances e.g. explosives at the first instance. Another use case for mobile laboratories is forensics, where illegal substances must be tested during a raid or bust or whenever quick chemical identification is needed.

Mobile quality control in a warehouse or production line

With a demand for high turn-around of goods there is not always time to prepare new goods and send them to the lab.The MOBILE-IR II brings the lab to the warehouse increasing quality control efficiency for everyday routine. It is made for work environments and anyone can operate it - without prior training.

Polymer recycling outside docking area

Used plastics are often brought to recycling plants in bulk. These plastics can already be identified and sorted at the first instance right by the transport vehile. This saves time to prepare and bring the samples into the labs.

Harm prevention on-site at music festival

When the base floods the festival, your instrument needs shock resistance. In this application, local NGOs or government bodies try to reduce harm by testing illegal substances for potentially deadly contaminants to ensure safety for everyone.

OPUS TOUCH Release 5 | MOBILE IR | Q2 2022

New Feature: Database support

  • TOUCH now allows to store measurement data and report files directly into a local or external database​

New Feature: Multi-Evaluation support including dedicated workflow

  • Allows to execute MEV-methods from the spectra view or directly from a dedicated workflow. Supports also enhanced features such as multi-step evaluation and calculated components​

New Feature: Automated CSV generation

  • Allows to automatically generate CSV-Reports directly after sample analysis. This is especially useful for passing data to LIMS systems

New Feature: Archive connection to network drives

  • Network access can now be allowed directly from the TOUCH archive. Also, the details show additional information about the physical location of an archive and the free space of the respective volume​

New Feature: User Specific Homescreens

  • Option that each operator may use an individually assigned homescreen​

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