LabScape Maintenance Service Agreements

Magnetic Resonance

Maintenance Service Agreements

Magnetic Resonance

Magnetic Resonance

Connect Essential Complete
1 Remote Desktop Support (1st Hour per case)
2 PC/Software/Firmware Update   
3 Remote Monitoring (*)
4 Priority Response  
5 Remote Desktop Support (2 Hours per case)    
6 Planned Maintenance and Operational Qualification    
7 Planned Maintenance Wear and Tear Parts    
8 Enhanced Priority Response    
9 Remote Desktop Support (unlimited calls)      
10 Labor, Travel and Parts (unlimited)    
11 Loaner Equipment  (where applicable)      
12 Premium Priority on-site response    
Additional service for systems with Superconducting Magnets
13 Quench Recovery
14 Cryogenics for Planned Maintenance          
15 Lifetime guarantee on magnet      

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Ascend 400

NMR Instruments

NMR is an information rich, non-destructive analytical technique. It provides detailed information about molecular structure, dynamic processes and allows the direct observation of chemical reactions.

EPR Instruments

Bruker's high-performance portfolio of EPR instruments offers a non-destructive analytical technique for the direct detection of paramagnetic species. Free radicals and transition metal ions can be identified and quantified in solids, liquids, gases, cells, and in vivo. Structural insights from the chemical structure to intermolecular interactions are obtained from both CW and Pulse EPR techniques.

NMR Software

With the ever-increasing capacity of NMR systems, extensive and complex datasets are being obtained faster than ever. To optimize the outcomes of investigations, it is essential that all the data are accurately and efficiently acquired and analyzed. Sophisticated analytical NMR technologies must therefore be supported by sufficiently powerful software.

NMR & EPR Pharma Solutions

The quantitative nature and unparalleled structural information given by NMR and EPR applied to Pharmaceutical Industry, biotech, generics and CROs.

NMR, EPR & TD-NMR Food Analysis Solutions

Bruker has tailored this technology specifically for the analysis of food. The FoodScreener™ provides the NMR fingerprint specific to an individual sample. The profile can then be compared with a large database of spectra for known authentic samples. This innovative instrument provides a valuable tool for quality control monitoring and testing for purity and authenticity issues.
Clinical Research

NMR Clinical Research Solutions

Pre-Clinical Screening and In Vitro Diagnostics (IVDr) (for research use only)

NMR, EPR & TD-NMR Industrial Solutions

Bruker’s innovative and reliable MR-based industrial solutions support industries and organizations in delivering high-quality products and materials