Magnetic Resonance

NMR, EPR & TD-NMR Food Analysis Solutions

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) provides a characteristic peak for each compound in a mixture. It can provide simultaneous identification and absolute quantification of all components of a sample. Bruker has tailored this technology specifically for the analysis of food.

Honey-Profiling (NMR)

Enables honey producers to screen their samples for adulteration and authenticity, in order to ensure their brand’s reputation.
Bruker Wine Profiling

Wine-Profiling (NMR)

This comprehensive solution offers a quick, fully automated and cost-efficient tool to ensure wine quality and authenticity, protecting brand integrity and consumer confidence

Juice-Profiling (NMR)

For each fruit juice a multitude of parameters related to quality and authenticity is evaluated simultaneously from a single data set acquired within a few minutes.

Freshness Monitoring (EPR)

EPR Freshness Analysis in Beer and Oxidation Monitoring in Edible Oils

Solid Fat Content (TD-NMR)

QC applications such as the total fat determination as well as the droplet-size determination of dairy products like mayonnaise and margarine.

Dynamic Fat Crystallization (TD-NMR)

For manufacturers who need to make timely decisions on the quality of fat ingredients used in their products, Bruker now offers a new method for the characterization of crystallization in less than two hours.

Total Fat and Moisture (TD-NMR)

Total Fat and Moisture by TD-NMR measured in a few seconds with minimum calibration efforts

Droplet Size in Emulsions (TD-NMR)

New G-Var Method with Significantly Improved Speed and Lower Measurement Limit of Dispersed Phase Than Former D-Var Method

Seeds Analyzer (TD-NMR)

The Analyzer for your Oil and Moisture Analysis in Seeds and Nuts


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