MRI 射频线圈


Surface Coils

The correct choice of the RF coil configuration for a given in-vivo investigation has a decesive impact on the study outcome. In general, an RF coil configuration can contain one or several individual RF coils that together form the RF coil configuration.

Volume Coils

As a basis for imaging experiments, transmit volume coils are designed to provide optimal homogeneity in combination with highest SNR. For experiments requiring homogenous signal reception throughout a larger area of the animal or material to be investigated, Bruker provides circularly polarized 1H volume coils.

MRI CryoProbes


Surface and Volume Array Coils

The introduction of array coils and multiple channels resulted in the spectacular success of parallel imaging methods. As the first commercial provider of array coils for small animals, Bruker has enabled its customers to benefit from the enormous capabilities of parallel MRI ever since 2003.

X-nuclei Coils

MRI systems from Bruker are capable of performing the widest possible range of experiments on virtually any nucleus (1H, 13C, 19F, 23Na, 31P, ...). Double-tuned RF surface and volume coils are offered for direct signal detection as well as decoupling experiments. For the most demanding X-nuclei imaging, Bruker provides X-nuclei CryoProbes.

MRI RF Coils for Mice

A large majority of preclinical studies is performed on mice. In addition to the specially designed BioSpec mouse instrument line, Bruker offers a multitude of RF coils to cover mouse anatomical regions ranging from the brain, to the head, heart, spine and entire body in form of surface coils, volume coils, as phased arrays, X-nuclei, and MRI CryoProbes.



  • 容积线圈可提供最佳图像均匀性
  • 表面线圈可提供最高灵敏度
  • 多通道相阵控表面线圈可加快并行采集速度
  • 多通道相阵控容积线圈可加快并行采集和并行激励
  • MRI CryoProbe 可使灵敏度提高多达 5 倍
  • X 核线圈适用于有关几乎任何核 (13C, 19F, 23Na, 31P, ...) 的实验


  • 设计以解剖学为基础,能够为小鼠、大鼠、更大的动物以及材料研究提供最佳均匀性和灵敏度
  • 全自动硬件识别,一次最多可安全操作四种不同的线圈
  • 定位简便易用,提供直观的颜色编码插头
  • 集成的前置放大器可确保在宽动态范围内实现最佳信噪比


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